Fake Anti Ragging Affidavits

Do you believe that it is your right to rag your juniors? Do you feel that ragging makes the freshers bold enough to face any circumstance in their future? Do you still agree that ragging is the only way of interaction with your juniors? As a senior in any college, you might say YES to any of these questions, but the reality shows that ragging has ruined countless innocent lives and careers (11 people lost their bright life in 2007-08). In order to eradicate ragging, in 2009, Supreme Court of India ordered for setting up of a Central Crisis Hotline and Anti-Ragging database.

In accordance with the orders, UGC (University Grants Commission), Govt. of India has mandated that every student has to obtain Anti-Ragging affidavit by registering in their website – www.antiragging.in. Till now, 390812 students have uploaded their affidavits. The problem is not yet solved, it is just hidden. In reality, severe ragging is widely prevalent in most of the colleges/universities. In 2012-13 itself, 398 ragging cases were registered only in UP.

But why it is happening even after these stringent rules?

In Delhi, hawkers have started selling the fake Anti-Ragging Affidavit certificates by operating from within the college campuses itself. They setup their own channel to print fake copies and also to distribute these fake Anti-Ragging Affidavit certificates to students by charging around INR 300-500. The DU security seized fake anti-ragging affidavits from the photocopying center inside the Arts Faculty campus. All these things are happening only because of student’s intentions i.e., to get the Anti-Ragging Affidavit certificates rather than understanding the implications involved in it.

We at College Affairs encourage that following stringent laws & order along with these very good initiatives like www.antiragging.in, Coalition to Uproot Ragging from Education (CURE), National Anti-Ragging Helpline (UGC crisis Hotline) – 1800 180 5522 etc. will lead to complete eradication of ragging in the coming years.

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